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Thank you Starkey Ranch Library.
We had an amazing time doing your event!

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How "that Game Show Guy" Can Help You! 

Do you want to have a memorable/amazing event?  The solution is simple- put your audience on their own Game Show!   The Game show event will come to you.  There will be hilarious interactions, prizes, and your host-Garrett (aka "that game show guy").  If you have ever been to "Tony and Tina's Wedding" or "Medieval" times then you know how much fun interactive theater can be! 

"The night ended in a T-shirt cannon...


Mike Dobbins

"My favorite was the game where people had to eat strange jelly bean flavors, and keep a straight face :D" 

Dave Lanzotti

"What happens in your game show will never be forgotten!"

Tiffany Kane

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