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Game Event options

We offer packages from standard to luxury.  Feel free to mix and match based on your needs:

1.) Trivia:  Silly factoid trivia game that uses 3 contestants per side. * Includes confetti cannon.

2.) Feud Trivia:  Also uses 3 contestants per side. Contestants will be tested on how well they know the audience.  Requires a good internet connection in the room.

3.) Brick Wall:  Requires 3 contestants per side.  A game for people who like a physical challenge.

4.) Bean-boozled:  Takes 1-4 contestants with strong stomachs.  They will have to hold their composure while eating strange or spicy jelly bean flavors. 

5.) Interrogation Room: 1-4 contestants are brought out one at a time and asked tough yes/no questions...while being connected to a lie detector.

6.) Work buddy: Requires 2 groups of two.  People that work together on a daily basis are tested to find out how well they truly know one-another.

7.) Bedtime story:  1-3 contestants will be given the power to make a choose your own adventure. Typically this is last game of the night. 

8.) T-SHIRT CANNON:  Yes, we have one, People who weren't selected as a contestant get one final chance at glory to catch a T-shirt.    

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